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Tenancy with The House Academy


What is the period of my tenancy?

Your House Academy tenancy will run from 1 July - 25 June in the following year.

Do I pay rent over the summer?

Yes, your rent is divided into 12 equal payments.

Why does my tenancy finish before the end of June?

The House Academy always allows a few days between tenancies to inspect each house, check they are fully clean and carry out any repairs & maintenance needed.

Can I view a Tenancy Agreement?

Yes, you can download a sample copy here.

How much is the deposit?

There is NO deposit with The House Academy.

How do we reserve a property?

A property is reserved when you sign the tenancy agreement and pay the first month’s rent.

How do we sign the tenancy agreement?

You will be sent a link which you will be able to electronically sign.

What else is required when we sign the tenancy agreement?

We will need a scan of your passport photo page.  You will need to complete an online direct debit form and online contact details form.  We will also ask you to make a bank transfer of the first month's rent.

How is rent paid?

Your first instalment of rent will be paid by bank transfer, but after this, rent is paid by direct debit from the beginning of July.

Your Property


What furniture is provided?
Each bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, desk, chair and bookcase.

Are there wash basins in bedrooms?
The majority of our properties have wash basins in rooms.

Are there internet points in all rooms?
The majority of our properties have internet points in rooms.

What appliances are provided?
Oven, hob, fridge freezer, washing machine. Many properties have a tumble dryer and dishwasher.

Will we run out of hot water?
We install large capacity boilers to provide sufficient hot water for the house, and powerful showers.

Is there a communal lounge area?
Yes, all House Academy houses have a communal lounge.

Is smoking permitted in the house?
No, smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.

Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed.

Security & Maintenance


What types of locks are fitted on external doors?
All properties use a high security patented locking system.

Are there locks on bedroom doors?
Most bedrooms have security locks.

If I lose a key, can I cut a new one?
No, only authorised personnel deal with the locks and keys, so no-one else can hold a key to your property.

Are smoke detectors fitted in the house?
All House Academy properties are fitted with mains wired smoke and heat detectors.

Are there safety certificates for the property?
Yes, The House Academy holds current gas and electrical safety certificates for all our properties.

Who carries out repairs and maintenance?
Our maintenance team carry out regular general maintenance.

What should I do if something doesn’t work?
Contact us if you notice anything that needs fixing, however small.

Can I fix things myself?
We prefer our maintenance team to take care of all repairs.



Who is responsible for utility bills?
The housemates are jointly responsible for gas, electric and water bills, unless you have chosen to opt into our bills inclusive scheme.  Gas, electric and water meter readings are taken by us at the start of your tenancy which you will need to provide to the utility companies to set up your billing accounts.

Which broadband/phone company do we use?
The House Academy uses the broadband company toob to supply high speed broadband to all of our properties.  This service will be available to you on your first day in the property and is paid for directly by The House Academy.

Do we need a TV licence?
Yes, if you are going to have a TV, currently one licence can be used for the whole house but check with TV Licensing.

Do students pay Council Tax?
Full time students are exempt, but the Council may require you to provide proof, which you can obtain from your faculty office.

Do we need insurance?
We recommend that you take out your own contents insurance – have specialist student policies.

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