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The keys to your property will be available on 1 July. Contact us at least a week before to arrange an appointment. One of the House Academy team will meet those who are able to attend, and all the keys to the property will be signed over to them. It is then their responsibility to distribute the keys to the other housemates.


The House Academy ensures that your house will be fully cleaned and inspected before you move in.  We will provide a unique link to where you can access a written and photographic inventory of the property.  We recommend that you check these yourselves to make sure that you are in agreement with them.


You made the first rent payment by bank transfer when you signed the tenancy agreement. On 1 July the next rent is collected by direct debit, as are all subsequent rent payments so please make sure there are sufficient cleared funds in your nominated bank account. As you pay rent in advance, the July collection is your rent for August. Please refer to your tenancy agreement to see the dates of all future rent collections.

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