Keys should be left with the housemate who will be last to leave. One of The House Academy team will collect all of the keys from this person when they leave. Please give us as much notice as possible when you would like us to collect the keys by calling 07800 660953 as we are very busy during this period.


Please let us know as soon as possible if there has been any damage to the property. Repairs are more costly if dealt with as an emergency. You will not be charged for any repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.


The house should be left in the same condition as you received it, and should be clean, and free of your belongings and rubbish. All houses are checked by a professional cleaning company, who bill by the hour if any additional cleaning is necessary.

It is a very good idea to organise as soon as possible how the final cleaning will be divided between the housemates as often people leave at different times.

Rubbish Disposal

If you have more rubbish than will fit into the wheelie bins at the end of your tenancy, then you will either have to take it home with you or take it to one of the local recycling centres. In a change from previous years, due to funding cuts, the Council will no longer take any waste left outside wheelie bins even if it is neatly bagged up. The Council have informed us that they will issue a £75 fine to the outgoing residents of any property where waste has been left outside of wheelie bins.

If you have any large items such as televisions, chairs, microwaves, mattresses, furniture etc. which you brought to the house and are not planning to take away with you, then you need to arrange for their disposal. The Council does offer a bulk refuse collection service. You can also take rubbish to the recycling centre (the dump). Click here for the location.

Utility Bills

We will read the electric, gas and water meters (where applicable) and inform the relevant companies of the change of tenancy. You need to inform the phone/cable and TV companies yourselves. They will then send your final bill showing the last amount due (or send you a refund if you’ve overpaid) within about a month. It is a good idea to read the meters yourself when you leave and check these figures against the final bills when they arrive. One of the housemates needs to phone or text (07800 660953) to give us an address where you want the final bills to be sent.

After You've Gone



It’s a good idea to arrange a mail redirection with Royal Mail for any important mail that may still come to the property. Details of how to set this up can be found at: http://www.royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/redirection


It is common for rental agencies, landlords or mortgage companies to ask you to provide a reference from a previous landlord. The following are the relevant contact details you should supply:


GENERAL ENQUIRIES:  07800 660953



VIEWINGS: 023 8055 3660


Emergency: 07800 660953 (leave a message)


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